Keeping Work at Work

Published on 5/4/2024
Many of customers at Storage Pro in Youngsville are not just storing overflow from their closets and attic, or even planning a move or staging a home.  Some of our clients are actually utilizing our climate-controlled camera monitored spaces to keep their important work materials.  We have salespeople who keep product samples and inventories.  We have teachers and school faculty that rent spaces to house books and curriculum materials as well as document storage for offices.  The benefits of keeping a storage unit for work items include peace of mind, knowing your important tools are behind multiple locked doors and security cameras.  Not to mention, the peace of mind that comes with having a home environment that purely dedicated to home and personal family space.
So when considering a storage unit for working materials, we recommend asking the following questions:

1)  Security.  What measures are in place to protect my items?  Do you have a securely locked facility?  Is the facility access "Customer Only"?  Are there security cameras in place?  What kind of Camera system? (Look out for Do-It-Yourself Systems with exposed wiring) How secure will I be personally when on the property?

2) Access.  Do I need 24 hr access to my stored items?  What measures are in place in situations such as power loss, gate failures, bad weather, ect. when it comes to access to items?  

3) Cleanliness.  Do I want to store at a managed property where cleaning is a priority?

4) Temperature and Humidity.  Are these important factors when deciding where to keep my important work materials?

These are just a few of the questions you should consider when deciding to rent space for the tools you need to do your job.  We built our facility and designed our business model with these and hundreds of other benefits in mind.  Gives us a call to discuss anytime.  337-606-6006